EU project protects cyclists and pedestrians

Cyclists are one category of unprotected road users

Photo: Mostphotos

Road simulator and staff at VTI in Gothenburg, Sweden

The simulator team at VTI. Photo: Eva Åström

According to the World Health Organisation, more than one quarter of road traffic fatalities in 2010 were pedestrians and cyclists. Every year, about 335,000 unprotected road users die because of traffic accidents, which shows the scale of the problem. The EU project Prospect intends to reduce the number of cyclists and pedestrians who are killed or injured by developing active safety systems.

Photo: Mostphotos

Recent decades have seen success when it comes to safety work for pedestrians, as a result of video and radar technology. A first generation of active safety systems has been introduced in cars, automatically recognising and braking for pedestrians. The Prospect project involves the development and improvement of these systems to make them more effective. The aim was to achieve a greater understanding of accidents relating to unprotected road users and to develop, demonstrate and test active safety systems.

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