Improved lighting for pedestrians and cyclists

Together with Lund University, researchers from VTI will study how outdoor lighting can improve the quality of walking and cycling trips at dusk and darkness.

How can outdoor lighting improve the quality of walking and cycling trips at dusk and darkness.

Photo: Maria Elvåker/VTI

The end-product of the results will be recommendations for how footways and cycleways can be designed, maintained and illuminated in the best way to extend the season beyond the summer months for pedestrians and cyclists. The project is interdisciplinary, and the primary part of the project is conducted by environmental psychologists from Lund University who will study how illuminated environments are perceived and affect people’s behaviour. With the help of an electric bike with a bicycle cart equipped with a variety of measuring instruments, VTI will develop the technical parameters describing lighting, friction and smoothness of the surface.

Further development

“The multidisciplinary approach to the project feels really exciting. We are also very pleased to further develop our bike measuring cart with additional measuring equipment. The measuring cart makes it possible to measure along the entire cycleway at cycling speed, instead of measuring one point at a time,” notes Anna Niska, Senior Research Leader at VTI and the person who leads VTI’s part of the project.

The project runs until December 2022.

About the project:
Project title:
Illuminate – the impact of environmental factors on the behaviour of pedestrians and cyclists at dusk and darkness.
Financing agency: The Swedish Energy Agency.
The project is conducted under the auspices of Lund University with Professor Maria Johansson as Project Manager.

Anna Niska
VTI, Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, Sweden

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