Mobile phones in cars: how extensive is their use?

There are many views and assertions regarding mobile phone use while driving. Researchers at the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI) are conducting a study to gain more knowledge of this issue.

Soon we will know how people use their mobile phones while driving

Soon we will know how people use their mobile phones while driving.
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The purpose of the study is to objectively investigate how people are actually using mobile phones in traffic. The long-term goal is to contribute to improved traffic safety.

“Despite all the talk about mobile phone use while driving, we currently know astonishingly little about how prevalent it actually is. We will now be conducting a study to obtain objective measurements in this regard”, said VTI research director Katja Kircher.

The study involves 500 participants from across Sweden. All of their trips and mobile phone use will be recorded via an app. The participants will also indicate whether they were a passenger or the driver in each trip made.

The Swedish Transport Agency has tasked VTI with conducting the study. VTI is getting data-gathering assistance from Norstat, a company with experience in recruiting study subjects, and from Mobile Behaviour, the company providing the app for logging the data on mobile phone use. The results will be delivered in March 2017.

Katja KircherContact:
Katja Kircher
VTI, Sweden

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