Test Method Being Developed to Assess Ability to Drive in Individuals with Field of Vision Loss

Working with medical experts at Sahlgrenska University Hospital and the Swedish Transport Agency, researchers at the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI) are developing a standardised test method for assessing field of vision defects in car drivers. This method will help the involved authorities determine whether people with field of vision loss should or should not keep their driving licences.

Each year some 7000 people in Sweden have their driving licences revoked on medical grounds. In some cases these individuals have sustained field of vision loss due to, for example, diabetes, stroke, or a brain tumour.

The Swedish Transport Agency intends to develop a reliable method for assessing the ability to drive in individuals with field of vision loss. The method is being jointly developed by experts at VTI, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, and the Swedish Transport Agency.

Text: Katarina Nestor

Photo of Björn PetersContact:
Björn Peters
VTI, Sweden
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