Several actors collaborating on HCT vehicles

The increasing amount of freight, congestion on the roads and environmental emissions are problems that high capacity vehicles, HCT vehicles, can contribute to solving.

August 2018 saw the commencement of the two-year project “Performance based standards for HCT in Sweden II” (PBS II). The successor to PBS which proposes performance based criteria for HCT vehicles, instead of restricting the length or weight of the vehicle. The aim is to take over where PBS left off and realise the proposals in the previous study. PBS II will establish standard tyres in order to be able to assess HCT vehicles. In the process, different tyres will first be analysed, categorised and compared. Finally, one or several models for standard tyres will be developed.

Truck calculator helps to assess HCT vehicles safety

The project is financed by Vinnova (Sweden) and industry actors. The budget is about SEK 10 million, of which VTI’s share comprises SEK 4 million. A tool called lastbilskalkylatorn (the truck calculator) has been developed by the Swedish Transport Agency as an aid for assessing the safety of 74 ton HCT vehicles. During PBS II, the tool will be developed and improved as needed.

HCT vehicles, PBS II

In PBS II different tyres will be analysed, categorised and compared.
Photo: Katja Kircher/VTI


“It is very interesting to work with different actors within industry, government agencies and academia, all towards the common goal of developing safe and efficient freight transport,” says Sogol Kharrazi, project manager at VTI for PBS II.

VTI’s partners in the project are Volvo Group Trucks Technology, Scania, Nokian Heavy Tires Ltd, the Swedish Transport Agency, the Swedish Transport Administration, Chalmers University of Technology, the University of Oulu and Parator Industri AB. Cooperation with the organisation ISO is expected for the tyre standardisation work.

Sogol Kharrazi 
VTI, Sweden



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